Drury Hotel Spider Bite – Westminister, Colorado

The sting from a venomous spider bite can be very painful, and being awakened by such a spider bite while sleeping in a hotel is a wakeup call you never want to receive.  While sleeping in a Drury Hotel room in Westminister, Colorado, I (Jose Sanchez) was bitten by a spider that caused a fiery sting making it impossible to remain asleep and fall back asleep regardless of the days travel fatigue.

Although the spider bites caused a sharp pain and significant swelling, it wasn’t until approximately twelve (12) hours later that I noticed a red line had appeared and was traveling up the arm.  Thirty-two (32) hours later the prescribed antibiotics were not stopping the spread of the infection; therefore the hospital emergency room staff had to start Intravenous (IV) medications every twelve (12) to aggressively fight off the spreading infections.  Within twenty-four (24) hours of IV treatment, the infection stopped spreading however it took several days for the swelling to subside.

Being bitten or stung by insects is inevitable, especially if you do a lot of travel.   Throughout my career as an Air Force Security Policeman (Security Forces), federal government contractor, and federal government employee, I have transited all 50 states of the union and over 50 countries.  During President Bill Clinton’s trip to the African continent, we stayed in some very unique safari reports as well as insect infested hotels/motels.

I have never been bitten / stung by any insect that caused as much pain and reaction as the one that bit me in the Drury Hotel in Westminister, Colorado; which goes to show, you’ll never know where you can be exposed to such a venomous encounter.  The investigator assigned by the Drury Hotel stated that the hotel was deemed not negligent and therefore would provide NO assistance in paying the $236.48 in medical expenses not covered by medical insurance.

Regardless of what hotel you stay in, you may want to inspect the bed sheets for spiders before going to sleep.  And know that some hotels, such as Drury Hotel, will probably not provide you any assistance if you’re bitten or stung by insects in their hotel rooms.  A simple online search for insect or spider bites will reveal that numerous hotels such as Drury Hotel have had claims of insect bites.

As we used to say in the Security Police days of old, “stay frosty” and be aware, that something underneath your hotel bed sheets may provide a sting you didn’t bargain for and you won’t like.

Jose J Sanchez
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Defender Magazine

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